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Process Journal #7

I got back all my surveys and now I have an idea on what my customers tastes are. These are what I think about the results of each survey question:

1.When walking through a bazaar, which would you buy: gelato, pizza, sushi or a pastry

- majority answered gelato, so I think that my customers have a sweet tooth and like desserts which is good since Oreos are both.

2. Do you like Oreos?

- all answered yes, except for one person who felt like going against the grain. This is excellent because many would like to eat Oreos.

3. Would you eat Oreos if they were fried in batter?

- all except two answered yes, which is also great since majority would be willing to try my product out. 

4. What kind of Oreo is your favorite?

- most said Golden Oreos. Second to that was classic Oreos. Now I have an idea on what Oreos my customers would like to eat fried.

5. Would you rather eat Fried Chips Ahoy! Cookies, Snickers or Oreos?

- almost everyone said Fried Oreos, so now I am really reassured that many are willing to try my product.

6. Would you rather snack on fried Oreos… hot and newly taken out of the skillet or cold and kept in the fridge?

- majority said hot and newly taken out of the skillet so now I know I have to serve my Oreos fresh and steamy.

7. Do you prefer Filipino food or American junk food?

- majority said American junk food, which is good since Oreos are American and junk food.

8. Would you pay 75 pesos for three fried Oreos? If no, then how much

- all said no except for three. 9 out of 12 said the perfect price would be 50 pesos. This is great because now I know how to price my product.

9. Have you tried a fried dessert before?

- majority said yes. This kind of disappointed me because I thought my product was uncommon and really out of this world. Though I think many of the survey-takers tried the Fried Oreos in polo club.

10. Are you adventurous and open to trying new things?

- everybody said yes which is a good sign!

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