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Design all sprouts from an idea. This idea evolves into a sketch, then into a blueprint, then into the physical product.

In my last tech class, we watched ‘Objectified’, a documentary all about design. It was fascinating and showed the meticulous work that goes on behind our everyday things. Designers and heads of large companies were interviewed as well.

Once the documentary was finished, we had a harkness discussion about the origin of design. It was my first ever harkness and I was a little overwhelmed, so I just kept my mouth shut the whole time.

The discussion was very interesting and my classmates had a lot of good points. They listed examples of major companies and their marketing strategies. Also the quality of products nowadays was brought up. They also spent a lot of time discussing how the Apple products are continuously evolving so that consumers are forced to buy the newest piece of technology and spend more and more money.

Design is everywhere, both good and bad. I have this really annoying table in my room. It’s badly made and has a metallic handle with a sharp corner that always snags on my clothes and scratches my skin whenever I get near it. It’s gotten to a point where I taped cotton to the corners so now its appearance is completely ruined. It really gets on my nerves. I quote my tita who says that studios are now all about ‘material wealth’ and not ‘material’.

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