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BBC Interactive Videos

For our tech class this Wednesday, we watched interactive videos (click here & here) on the BBC website.  

The first video was all about product analysis and design. It showed the research and thought that is needed to create a product. You can’t just make macaroni necklaces and start selling it for 600 pesos each. The customer also matters  A LOT and the outcome of a product must be based on the target customer’s liking.

The second video focused on the social, moral, environmental and legal matters that come with making a product. It says in the video - “Design does not take place in a bubble. It’s influenced by the world around you.” You have to be respectful to people’s opinions and not create a product that will offend a whole lot of people. You also have to think about the environment and create a product that won’t be too harmful to the environment and possibly even benefit the environment. 

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