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Process Journal #4

Knowing that the people who will be buying my product will all be in the Philippines, I have decided to put a lot of sugar on my product - which is Fried Oreos. Most Filipinos have a sweet tooth. Try suman, pandesal, bibingka or any Filipino delicacy and you will see that it is packed with sweetness.

Narrowing my market to Beacon Academy, I am thinking of putting pictures of the students and teachers on my product’s collage. This will catch the attention of the Beacon Griffins and lure them to buy my product. If the people of Beacon are health-conscious I can persuade them with an appealing design and food that smells delicious.

Both Filipinos and foreigners will be able to enjoy my Oreos unless they dislike fried, sweetened things. Mainly my target market are people who are adventurous and like trying new things.

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